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YouTube's Content ID program finally provides for ad revenue during disputes

It's not a full solution to Content ID's woes. More like a leaky bandage. But that's better than nothing.


As tablet sales take a dive, analysts expect smartphone vendors to launch convertibles

A new report from IDC tracks the tablet's ongoing decline, while detachable tablets like Microsoft's Surface rise in popularity. Now smartphone vendors are getting into the act, applying their mobile acumen to compete with PC vendors.

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Google’s OnHub router gains IFTTT support on its way to becoming a smart-home hub

OnHub IFTTT integration lets users trigger smart home devices when they get home.

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Google Photos for Android promises you'll find pictures faster with new search bar

The update also allows you to customize automatically generated movies with your own music, photos, and videos.

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ISIS cyberattack capabilities are unorganized, underfunded—for now

The U.S. and its allies should be concerned about cyberattacks from ISIS-affiliated groups, but the hackers are poorly organized and likely underfunded, at least in the short term, according to a new report.

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Thumb PC uses Google software to give computer vision to robots and drones

A new computer on a USB stick with Google's machine-learning software could give drones and robots the equivalent of a human eye, and add new smarts to cameras.

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Nexus rumors begin to take shape, HTC may be making two devices

There's also interest brewing in the tablet space, as the Nexus 9 has disappeared from the Google Store.


Facebook gives Windows 10 a hug with new Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram apps

Facebook and Messenger get shiny new Windows 10 desktop apps, while Instagram becomes a fully featured mobile app.

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Minecraft steps into virtual reality as Samsung Gear VR Edition appears in Oculus Store

Minecraft: Gear VR Edition went on sale Wednesday in the Oculus Store, selling at $7 to download. The game includes all the features of Pocket Edition, but redesigned to work with the $100 Samsung Gear VR headset.

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Tinder Social alarms users by showing Facebook friends

Turns out some people want to keep their online dating habits private.


Alexa everywhere: Triby is a portable speaker with Amazon smarts

The Triby portable speaker is the first non-Amazon device with Alexa onboard.


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HP's Chromebook 13 goes upscale with Skylake Core M and slender aluminum chassis

HP's new Chromebook 13 has some of the latest technologies that the company is putting in its top-line Windows PCs.

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PCWorld Show Episode 14: Apple tanks, the PC goes under the bus and web pages are larger than Doom

In this week's hottest news from PCWorld, Macs and PCs both face existential angst. Meanwhile, webpage bloat gets a benchmark gamers can relate to.

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How to make your Android phone work more closely with your PC or Mac

With the right tools you can leave your phone on the desk more often when you're working or playing on a PC.


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How to recover files from a dead external drive

It's just like an internal drive, but with a case and a plug. If the files on that drive aren't backed up, you could have a disaster, but there may be some hope.