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Let the CPU battles begin! AMD shows off a working 8-core Zen processor

AMD demos a working Zen CPU, giving hope to AMD fans looking for an Intel alternative.

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AMD's Radeon RX 480 brings high-end graphics to the masses for just $200

AMD's new Polaris GPU-based Radeon RX graphics cards will start at $200 and ship in June.

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AMD pins its laptop hopes on the low-power Bristol Ridge and Stoney Bridge APUs

AMD hopes its low-power Bristol Ridge and Stoney Ridge hybrid CPU/GPUs will continue to revitalize its fortunes in the notebook space.


Intel's 'Kaby Lake' chip starts strong as Intel retools its PC strategy

More than 400 devices with Intel's upcoming 7th Generation Core processor family, code-named Kaby Lake, will reach the market.

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Sorry, there will never be a Bernie Sanders (or Colonel Sanders) version of Minecraft

Though Microsoft's Minecraft sandbox game is nearly infinitely customizable, Mojang has put the kibosh on using it for commercial or political purposes.

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Instagram will let you run a business profile if you have a Facebook Page

In order to create a business profile on Instagram, your business needs to be linked to a Facebook Page.

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Microsoft updates HoloLens and Windows Holographic to work better with 'flat' apps

Microsoft's updated the HoloLens development environment to acknowledge that everyday, 2D software applications are still the reality for most users. The updates support multiple 'flat' apps and improve voice controls as well.

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Sony's Xperia X series is coming to the U.S. this summer

The Xperia X is up for pre-order now, with there are three other models coming soon that vary in size and performance options.

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The Backpack PC is a portable VR rig that leads MSI’s VR and gaming lineup at Computex

MSI's Backpack PC highlights the company's lineup of virtual reality and gaming PCs at Computex. As the name suggests, it'll let you break free of that display-cable tether by carrying your VR rig with you.

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Intel beefs up integrated graphics in Skylake server chips

If you are not happy with the quality of streaming video, it's perhaps because a server doesn't have a good graphics processor.

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Google Maps gains better discovery features in Android app update

You can finally activate 'OK Google' from the Maps screen and get more notifications about new places to check out.

Santa Clara County Superior court

HPE wants Oracle to pay $3 billion for breach of Itanium contract

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise is asking a jury to award the company US$3billion from Oracle after the database giant stopped supporting HPE's Itanium-based servers, even though it allegedly signed a contract to do so.

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Riotoro emerges with PC power supplies, liquid cooling gear, and gaming keyboards

Riotoro is a new company founded by former Corsair and Nvidia employees that used Computex to fill out its product line.

mophie charge force wireless charging desk mount

Mophie launches wireless chargers to keep your phone powered up wherever you go

Mophie's "Charge Force" products were designed to wirelessly charge your phone while at home, in the car, or the office.


Corsair reveals a liquid-cooled GTX 1080, DDR4 RAM with staggering clock speeds, and mag-lev PC fans

Corsair's new component toys will make summer 2016 the summer of the gamer.