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microsoft teams smart speaker

A Microsoft Teams smart speaker moves Cortana to the conference room

Microsoft shows a Cortana-powered Microsoft Teams speaker a few months after killing Cortana in the Harman Kardon Invoke smart speaker for consumers.

Intel's 11th gen Tiger Lake CPU

Intel said 11th-gen Tiger Lake is on its way to Chromebooks

Expect to see 11th gen Tiger Lake CPUs in Chrombooks within months, Intel said


Preorder Cyberpunk 2077 to save $10 and get a bunch of swag

Amazon is selling Cyberpunk 2077 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation for under $50 right now.

microsoft teams alternate together mode scene

Here's the timeline for new Microsoft Teams features

Microsoft announced new features for Microsoft Teams at Microsoft Ignite, such as custom layouts, while providing more details on "together mode" and breakouts, plus other features it has already announced.

Microsoft surface hub 2s

Microsoft debuts the 85-inch Surface Hub 2S with more collaboration tools

Microsoft announces its largest Surface Hub 2 at Microsoft Ignite, complete with the option between Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise, or the Windows 10 Team 2020 OS, oriented around Microsoft Teams.

20h2 new edge intro screen windows 10 microsoft

Microsoft is enhancing the new Edge's PDF powers, and bringing it to Linux

At Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft is slowly adding to the capabilities of the new Microsoft Edge, which users will receive with the Windows 10 October 2020 Update.

cortana in microsoft teams share file

A Cortana-powered Daily Briefing hits your Outlook email this month

Announced at Microsoft Ignite, Cortana AI will improve your business day with Outlook's Daily Briefing and Play My Emails, Microsoft Teams, and the Cortana app for Windows 10.

Razer deathadder, BlackWidow BlackShark

Razer BlackWidow, DeathAdder, and BlackShark go wireless

Razer launches the Razer BlackShark V2 Pro gaming headset, DeathAdder V2 Pro mouse and the BlackWidow V3 Pro keyboard, all with Razer's HyperSpeed wireless technology connecting them.


Save $100 on this unlocked Core i7 and high-end motherboard combo

Newegg is selling the Core i7-10700KA and the Gigabyte Z490 Aorus Elite for under $500.

pcw chrome primary

AMD Ryzen is moving into Chromebooks

AMD introduces five new Athlon and Ryzen processors, specifically designed to power Chromebooks for education and home use.

fitbit sense sp02

The Fitbit Sense is a classic case of trying too hard to beat Apple

The Sense may be Fitbit's most advanced smartwatch, but it's also trying way too hard to beat the Apple Watch.


hp pavilion 15 ceramicwhite naturalsilver nt hdcam nonodd fpr scrnss hero frontfacing

The HP Pavilion 15 offers Ryzen 4000 performance for as little as $600

The HP Pavilion 15 offers popular Ryzen 4000-based models starting at just $600. Or splurge for Intel 11th-gen Tiger Lake with Iris Xe graphics and GeForce MX450,

c by ge 3 wire smart dimmer

C by GE 3-wire Smart Dimmer review: You won’t need a neutral wire to install this Wi-Fi dimmer

Even better, numerous C by GE products—smart bulbs, switches, and plugs—can work together, no matter what your wiring looks like.



10 surprisingly practical Raspberry Pi projects anybody can do

Looking for something to do with a Raspberry Pi 4 or Raspberry Pi Zero? These easy and practical projects are good for all levels, even beginners. Streaming. Gaming. Networking. Even printing!

xbox game streaming art microsoft

Microsoft adds remote Xbox streaming to its free Android app

Microsoft said Monday that you can now stream your own games, from your own Xbox console, to your Android phone or tablet via the new, updated Xbox app.