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Tom's Hardware Guide
In many ways, Tom's Hardware has evolved with the needs of its PC-using audience. Initially a site dedicated to news about the latest processors, Tom's has expanded its scope in recent years to include mobile devices, tech business news, and even gaming. Factor in its excellent tutorials and forums, and Tom's remains one of the best tech resources on the Web for novices and experts.

Once you know what's going on, come here to find out what the self-appointed arbiters of good tech think about the issues du jour. Members of this extended community post items linking to news of the day (it's free to join, and anyone can submit a story), and others comment on their posts. Some messages border on hysteria: To see some real fireworks, post anything critical of Linux.

Best known for its news and analysis of the latest processors, chip sets, and motherboards (and for its founder, Anand Lal Shimpi, who--though it's hard to believe--is still in college), AnandTech's forums are a boon for users of any proficiency level seeking advice before cracking open the case on their PC.

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