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Which Feeds Do You Need?

Every reader includes a list of sites to get you started--sometimes hundreds of them, usually organized into categories like the sections of a newspaper. Here are some places where you can find more news feeds, followed by a few of our favorites.

Great sites for finding feeds:

Topix, which calls itself "the largest publisher of non-weblog RSS," combs through news sites and provides feeds for 150,000 categories of information.

Feedster searches RSS feeds and saves the results as a custom feed. Its Top 100 list is a good starting place.

NewsIsFree boasts 9000 channels, ranging from high-profile news sources to Weblogs.

You'll find more than 45,000 feeds in 47 languages at

The Weblogs Compendium at collects a fine list of news sources, companies, and government agencies with RSS feeds.

PubSub can perform a continuous search on blogs, newsgroups, and SEC/EDGAR filings and can create a custom feed to send you the results.

Great Feeds:

Rolling Stone

Tech Bargains

The Washington Post

Yahoo News

Local weather forecasts

News about RSS

BBC News

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