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Best Buy: The Portable IOGear Hard Drive

In Sean Captain's recent PC World spotlight on external hard drives, IOGear's Combo 2.5-Inch Ion Drive was deemed the Best Buy among ultraportable drives. IOGear's drive earned high fives for its durable yet lightweight aluminum case; USB 2.0 and FireWire data connections; and the ability to draw power (using a Y-cable) from either a USB 2.0 or PS/2 port.

Go to the PC World Product Finder for the latest prices (about $200 to $240).

News: A Fast Fix for Your Toshiba Notebook

Does your Toshiba notebook need repairs? If so, call United Parcel Service. UPS, in a deal with Toshiba, will send your ailing portable to a central repair facility in Kentucky, where certified technicians employed by UPS perform the repairs. The goal is to get your notebook repaired and returned to you the next business day after you ship it.

Review: Toshiba Satellite Offers Strong Battery Life

The Toshiba Satellite A45-S250 is a portable desktop replacement that offers an unusually ergonomic keyboard and outstanding battery life--nearly 7 hours, a record in our tests. The downside: The notebook is a bit heavy, at 7.7 pounds without the power adapter.

You can check current prices (about $1300 to $1600) with our Product Finder.

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