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Velocirapture for iPhone and iPad

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We’re pretty sure the extinction of the dinosaurs had nothing to with biblical Armageddon, yet Adult Swim’s laughably bizarre interpretation of prehistory wins big points for goofy creativity. Velocirapture puts you in control of the floating hand of a mighty dinosaur deity. Doling out benevolence or wrath as you see fit puts a neat spin on the frantic end-times puzzle action.

Smiting wicked red dinos while ferrying your green followers to the promised land is an amusing exercise in fast-paced decision making. Vengeance is dished out by dragging your finger to draw bolts of chain lightning to fry your foes, while flicking your green followers skyward into your extended palm saves them—assuming your aim is steady. Mix up the process by zapping or flicking too many of the wrong colored dinos, and you lose.

Heaven Sent: Green dinos get through the pearly gates in Velocirapture, while red ones are doomed to electrified oblivion.

It’s simple enough, but different dinosaur types and their wild behaviors keep things interesting and throw plenty of curve balls into the pleasantly chaotic fray.

Velocirapture’s campaign unfolds across four distinct settings, and unlockable super powers offer fun new ways to smite. Flinging dinos gets a touch repetitive, but the gameplay will suck you back in after a short break to recharge.

[Nathan Meunier is a freelance writer based in southern Vermont.]

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Velocirapture

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