How to Fix the Biggest PC Annoyances

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Illustration: Edwin Fotheringham
Duck--there's another PC annoyance coming your way. And right behind it, an endless barrage of technology-induced irritations, aggravations, and stress-causing hassles. Stay calm--and prepare yourself to be a little less annoyed. The King of Kvetches (that's me) has plenty of remedies, 26 in fact, for dead external hard drives, missing desktop icons, unpleasant printer paper jams, and good e-mail that gets the spam treatment. I've also got cures for those times when your PDA, cell phone, digital camera, monitor, and network become royal pains. And just to show that we play fair, PC World editors gave two vendors a chance to respond to your gripes about their products, and one of the two actually took us up on our offer.

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