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Custom Right-Click Menus

How can I add an option to the context menu that pops up when I right-click a file?

Jolly Hansen, Phoenix

If you want to add an option for a specific file type, such as .doc or .zip files, open Windows Explorer and select Tools, Folder Options (View, Folder Options in Windows 98). Click the File Types tab. Scroll down the 'Registered file types' list to the appropriate type. Select it and click the Advanced button (Edit in Windows 98). In the Edit File Type dialog box, click New. In the Action field, enter a name for the option; this will become the text you see and select when you right-click a file. In the 'Application used...' field, enter the path and file name to the program that you might want to use to load the file--or click Browse to find and select the program. For folders, use the instructions given above, but for file type, select File Folder (the extension is '(NONE)').

To add an option for every file's context menu, put an appropriate shortcut inside your SendTo folder. First, select Start, Run. In Windows 2000, type "c:\documents and settings\yourname\sendto" (where yourname is the name you use to log on; be sure to include the quotation marks). In Windows 98, Me, or XP, just type sendto in the Run dialog box. Then press Enter. To launch the Create Shortcut wizard, right-click a blank spot inside the SendTo folder and choose New, Shortcut. Your added shortcuts will appear as options in the context menu's SendTo submenu.

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