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At a Glance
  • Electronic Arts The Sims 2

My husband is bummed. Since The Sims 2 landed on my PC, I've been neglecting his dinner needs in favor of serving my sims.

The sequel to one of the most popular games of all time, The Sims 2 puts you in charge of the lives and needs of computerized people. The new version makes sim life more realistic than ever by including things like life aspirations, a five-day workweek, and the ability to make a baby (and yes, that part does get a little kinky).

On the downside, the game isn't a huge leap forward, and it lacks some of the cool content from the original's expansion packs (such as the ability to adopt a pet). Still, The Sims 2 is super-addictive--so, dear, you're going to be fending for yourself for a while longer.

Graphics and Controls

Sims 2 graphics are much improved, and you get more control over how you view the game. You can zoom in a lot closer and view your house from many angles.

Aspiration Meter

Sims don't just need to eat, sleep, and use the toilet anymore. They also have life aspirations, such as earning money or building a family. Fulfilling sims' Wants boosts your rating on the Aspiration Meter and lets you earn points so you can buy special items.

Character Creation

You now have much more say in how your sims look--from the bridge of their nose to the way their mouths curve.


Sims now get days off. Becoming an elder brings retirement--with a pension. You even have decisions to make on your sims' behalf at work.


As they did in the original game, all of your sims have basic needs. But the interface that you work with is more crowded now, and switching between Needs and the Aspirations can sometimes be a pain.

Life Stages

Instead of staying forever thirty-something, sims now age. The five stages are baby, toddler, child, adult, and elder. And of course, sims die...sniff.

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The Sims 2

DW Verdict: Everything you love about the original and more.
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At a Glance
  • Electronic Arts The Sims 2

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