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AG Neovo X-19AV

At a Glance
  • AG Neovo X-19AV

AG Neovo X-19AV
Artwork: Rick Rizner, John Goddard

The glassy screen surface of the AG Neovo X-19AV stands out not only to the eye, but to the touch. AG Neovo reports that the hardness spec for its NeoV Optical Filter is above 6 on the 10-point Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness. Though we didn't conduct a scratch test to verify this, the glassy surface does feel harder than a typical LCD monitor screen. Cleaning instructions are basically the same as for any other monitor, but scratching should be much less of a concern on such a tough surface.

Respectable but not stellar scores on text tests helped the AG Neovo X-19AV to a text rating of Good. Its graphics performance was better: On our photo of a group of people, for example, it garnered the highest score any recent 19-inch LCD has earned. Composite and S-Video ports suggest that the X-19AV might have some entertainment applications, but our motion tests rated this unit merely Average for games and DVD viewing. With no physical adjustments other than tilt, the massive X-19AV doesn't provide the ergonomic options that a constant user needs. And the eight-hour weekday support policy is the stingiest we've seen lately.

Its extra-hard screen and entertainment inputs are welcome, but the AG Neovo X-19AV would rate higher if it supplied more creature comforts.

Laura Blackwell

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At a Glance
  • Imposing, attractive model shows its stuff through an extra-hard, easy-to-clean optical filter glass, but text looks subpar.


    • Extra-hard screen, entertainment inputs


    • Dearth of physical adjustments
    • Stingy eight-hour weekday support policy
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