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NEC MultiSync LCD1935NXM

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NEC MultiSync LCD1935NXM
Artwork: Rick Rizner, John Goddard

If your work consists mostly of text processing, NEC's MultiSync LCD1935NXM could be a good deal for you. At $579, its price is $80 lower than the average of $659 for the 14 monitors we reviewed in January 2005; and it earned a Very Good score for text display, with crisp letters and nice contrast, particularly on our Microsoft Excel screen.

On graphics, however, this monitor didn't come through. In our people shot, faces looked pale and washed out. Judges remarked on the overexposed appearance the LCD1935NXM gave not only the group photo, but also the screen of a brightly colored fruit tart. These shortcomings made the LCD1935NXM one of the least impressive graphics performers we've seen lately, and earned it a rating of Fair for graphics quality.

With no physical adjustments other than tilt, this monitor may not support comfortable viewing for all users. We heard a little hiss on sibilants when testing the built-in speakers; for clearest audio, you'll probably want to employ the headphone jack.

Nicely priced monitor delivers good-looking text but just passable graphics.

NEC MultiSync LCD1935NXM

19-inch screen, 1280 by 1024 native resolution, 13.2 pounds, panel type not disclosed by vendor, analog and digital interfaces. One-year warranty; 24-hour daily toll-free tech support.

Laura Blackwell

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At a Glance
  • Nicely priced monitor delivers good-looking text but just passable graphics.


    • Nice text display


    • Graphics overexposed at defaults
    • Dearth of physical adjustments
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