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Have Your Say: Join the Blog Generation

The problem with Web sites is that they're fairly static. Weblogs liven things up by allowing people to post via e-mail any little thought that comes to their mind, nearly instantly. And now that the camera-phone craze has created the photoblog offshoot, you can not only read about the daily trivialities of thousands of people you've never met, but see them too.

Blog guides such as Blogwise (see FIGURE 7

Figure 7: Blogwise has the blog for you.
) employ teams of volunteer editors who review and categorize dozens or even hundreds of blogs to winnow out the chaff. is a good place to start on your tour of image blogs, as well as to plunge into posting your own pictures.

If you're looking for a Web soapbox of your own, Google's free Blogger service is perhaps the easiest way to join the blog herd. But when blogging really starts to take over your life, you may need the industrial-strength services of Six Apart's TypePad service (which starts at $5 per month.

Scott Spanbauer

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