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NEC MultiSync LCD1735NXM

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NEC MultiSync LCD1735NXM
Photograph: Rick Rizner

As the similarity in names suggests, NEC's MultiSync LCD1735NXM hails from the same product family as the company's MultiSync LCD1935NXM. The light-up membrane controls located on the base are unobtrusive until touched; but once activated, they are easy to see in low light. The built-in speakers, which reside in a nice-looking cylindrical speaker bar at the bottom of the screen, point to the sides, for a very clean appearance. Regrettably, they generated muddy sound at best. The 1735NXM allows tilt adjustment only; height, swivel, and pivot adjustments aren't available.

The LCD1735NXM was particularly adept at displaying our test Microsoft Word document, earning jury scores that were second only to those of the Iiyama ProLite E435S-B. Less spectacular scores on other text tests--particularly the Microsoft Excel screen test--dragged the LCD1735NXM's overall text performance down to the middle of the pack. Though it still earned a Very Good rating, several competing models performed substantially better. At its default settings, the LCD1735NXM displayed many of our graphics test screens as overexposed. Details were hard to discern in light-colored areas of our group photo test screen, and jurors noted a loss of detail in the small images on our Web site screen, too.

Text documents look sharp on NEC's LCD1735NXM, but overexposed graphics disappoint. All in all, this monitor isn't a great deal.

Laura Blackwell

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At a Glance
  • Light-up membrane controls and a cylindrical speaker bar give this unit a clean, sleek appearance; tilt adjustment is stiff.


    • Light-up membrane controls


    • Muddy-sounding speakers
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