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Windows Toolbox

Enhance Windows' Quick Launch With Free Launch Bar

Windows' Quick Launch toolbar (right-click the taskbar and choose Toolbars,Quick Launch if you don't see it) lets you create a shortcut by dragging an application, document, or folder from Explorer or any folder window to the toolbar. If you add too many shortcuts, however, Quick Launch becomes so cluttered it's nearly useless. TrueSoft's Free Launch Bar adds many useful features that Quick Launch lacks. For example, the free program adds folders to the toolbar whose contents appear as highly customizable menus when you click them. (You can do this without Free Launch Bar, but only if you make the toolbar so small that the folders appear in a pop-up menu when you click the >> symbol.) And for even more functionality, you can spend $20 to get TrueSoft's True Launch Bar, which comes with plug-ins that display system info, weather forecasts, and more.

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