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ViewSonic VX924

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ViewSonic VX924
Artwork: Rick Rizner, John Goddard

The $429 ViewSonic VX924 is the first 19-inch monitor to use ViewSonic's Amplified Impulse technology, which overdrives the LCD panel's electronics to improve transition speed between shades of gray. As the theory goes, fast gray-to-gray transitions lessen ghosting and motion artifacting. A fast gray-to-gray response time appeals strongly to many power users and to gamers in particular. For more detail, see our review of the VX924's 17-inch sibling, the VX724.

PC World's motion tests consist of common display tasks: watching a video game intro, running a DVD excerpt, and moving windows around on the screen. Like all other recently tested 19-inch monitors, the VX924 earned a motion-display score of Average on a three-point scale, which means it looked pretty good--just like everything else. Some enthusiasts swear they detect a difference between LCDs with lower and higher response times; PC World recommends evaluating actual performance instead of being swayed by a spec.

Like its 17-inch sibling, the VX924 turned out sharp, neatly formed letters and earned a Very Good on our text tests. It didn't fare as well on our graphics tests; although our jurors liked the detail it showed on our photo screens, some complained of an unaccustomed pallor on the skin tones in our group picture. Overall, compared with other recently tested 19-inchers, the VX924's performance fell in the middle of the pack.

The VX924's design is a step up from ViewSonics' usual plain look. Its eye-catching silver matte stand contrasts with the black bezel. This theme continues with well-marked buttons; ViewSonic's numbers and arrows remain inscrutable, but at least you can tell the "2" button from the triangle-pointing-up button. Unfortunately, this visual step up doesn't erase a significant design letdown: no pivot, swivel, or height adjustment, just the ability to tilt, the minimum for ergonomics and usefulness. It's the lack of height adjustment that can literally be a pain in the neck. If you buy the VX924, hang on to your old phone book. You may need it to get this monitor to eye level.

ViewSonic's VX924 is a solid monitor at a fair price, but its extremely fast response-time spec may not confer an advantage for the average user.

Laura Blackwell

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At a Glance
  • Very low response time specs sound tempting, but motion looks average. Look elsewhere for extras.


    • Clean, crisp text


    • No height, pivot, or swivel adjustments
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