'Sex' is Favorite in Newest Top Domain

Sex.eu was the most sought-after domain name using the European Union's own top-level domain on the opening day for registrations. According to data supplied by EURid, the body responsible for registering .eu domain names, sex.eu received the highest number of applications.

The next most popular request was hotel.eu, followed by travel.eu, jobs.eu, hotels.eu., casino.eu, poker.eu, golf.eu, business.eu, and music.eu. Porn.eu was in 11th place.

Requests Hit 100,000

The first day of registering applications for the .eu domain name was a major success with EURid receiving more than 100,000 requests for application. The E.U.-wide registry received 45,000 requests in the first 20 minutes of opening its Web site to applications.

The majority of applications were for national trademarks with more than 70,000 requests, followed by E.U.-wide trademarks at 21,455.

German organizations lodged the highest number of requests for registration with nearly 35,000 applications, followed by France and the Netherlands. U.K-based organizations submitted more than 10,000 applications.

The numbers may even be higher than the early applicants for the .us domain when it became available three years ago.

Staking Claims

Starting Wednesday, trademark holders and public bodies are also applying for registrations. From February 7, holders of "prior rights," such as company or business names, will be able to apply for .eu domain names. From April 7 next year, all citizens or organization based in the E.U. will be able to apply.

To deter cybersquatting, applications submitted before April 7 will be examined to ensure that those applying actually own the rights to the name, brand or trademark for which they are applying.

Registration will be handled by more than 700 registrars across the E.U.'s 25 member countries.

During the sunrise period, EURid will charge trademark holders $53 and public bodies $41 for applications. Other rights' holders will be charged $100. After April 7, applications to EURid will cost $11.70. Applicants will also have to pay registrar fees.

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