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HP L1906

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HP L1906
Photograph: Rick Rizner, Chris Manners

HP's L1906 business monitor costs a mere $329, so it would definitely be tempting if cost were a main concern. But shop around. This model's mediocre image quality and near-total lack of features make it difficult to recommend.

On PC World's tests, the L1906 received generally acceptable, but not impressive, overall scores. Our jurors complained of dull colors and an orangey cast on our color scale tests. Its worst problems surfaced in crucial real-world Microsoft Word and group portrait photo tests. The L1906 had trouble displaying the gray-on-black reverse type in the Word test screen and the details--both dark and light--in the portrait screen.

Like most corporate monitors, the L1906 doesn't bother with many features. Although its OSD has a nice gray-and-black appearance, it offers only basic screen controls. The sole physical adjustment, tilt function, moves smoothly but stiffly. The L1906 forgoes all other adjustments, including height.

HP has proven with the F1905 that it can sell remarkable monitors, but the L1906 fails to impress. If price drives your decision, check out Soyo's Dymond DYLMO19A, which provides much better image quality for just a smidgen more money.

HP's plain L1906 displays reasonably good-looking--but not great--text. It's light on features, but light on the wallet, too.

Laura Blackwell

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At a Glance
  • Plain unit displays reasonably good-looking text. It's light on features but goes light on the wallet, too.


    • Low price


    • So-so image quality
    • Sparse features
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