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Which AA Battery Lasts Longest?

We lab-tested four types of AA batteries to find out which could stand up best to the heavy demands of today's cameras. Energizer's e2 disposable lithium cells lasted longer than other AAs in our tests. Compared with Duracell's Ultra M3 Alkalines (which we used as the baseline), the lithium batteries delivered 3.3 times the number of shots in a point-and-shoot camera and 2.7 times the shots in an advanced camera for twice the cost. Overall, results were similar between the two-battery Canon and four-battery Fujifilm cameras.


Price for four

Camera type

Number of shots

Battery life

Energizer e2 Lithium



664 photos

365 minutes

Advanced Camera2

785 photos

431 minutes

Energizer Rechargeable NiMH 2500 mAh



476 photos

262 minutes

Advanced Camera2

549 photos

301 minutes

Panasonic Oxyride ZR6XA



224 photos

123 minutes

Advanced Camera2

331 photos

182 minutes


Duracell Ultra M3 Alkaline



198 photos

108 minutes

Advanced Camera2

282 photos

155 minutes

FOOTNOTES: 1We tested two AA batteries using Canon's PowerShot A520. 2We tested four AA batteries using Fujifilm's FinePix S9000. 3$26 with battery charger.

Christopher Null is a San Francisco-based technology writer. Testing was designed and performed by Tony K. Leung and William Wang.
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