Are Extended Warranties Worth It?

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Survey Results: Most Buyers Glad They Bought Extended Warranties

Of the people we surveyed who have purchased extended warranties, most are happy with them. The stores cited in the survey repaired devices at a comparable rate--38 percent on average. Best Buy was likelier to replace faulty devices with new ones.

CompanyIf device replaced, received new/refurbished unitProblem was resolved in less than 1 dayAverage time to resolve a problemExtremely satisified with extended warranty serviceGlad to have purchased an extended warranty
Best Buy47%/3%22%13.4 days24%74%
Circuit City34%/15% 22%10.4 days26%77%
Dell38%/9%10%6.4 days33%87%
Average143%/7%17%9.7 days31%71%
CHART NOTES: Green denotes best score; red denotes worst score. Source: Survey of 2031 PC World readers from January 17, 2006, to January 29, 2006. Footnote: 1 Averages include responses for all stores cited, not just the ones listed here.
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