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A Keyboard With Swoosh

Typing on a standard keyboard irritates my hands and wrists, but I just don't have the time to relearn typing on an ergonomic or "split" keyboard. Is there anything else I can do to avoid repetitive stress injury?

Peter Walker, Toledo, Ohio

Exercises, proper body positioning, and rest can reduce wrist strain; be sure to read "Essential Ergonomics" by Aoife McEvoy and Linda Grubbs for more on healthy computing. In my experience, even a slightly curved keyboard can help keep your hands and arms pain-free. Microsoft's $25 Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000 has a gentle arc that offers relief without challenging your typing style (see Figure 1

Figure 1: Microsoft's Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000 has a wavelike design that won't cramp your typing style--or your wrists.

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