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No matter how digital-savvy we think we are, most of us need to put ink to paper from time to time. It may not be as glamorous as the latest tiny gadget, but that trusty, dust-covered printer in the corner is the workhorse many people depend on. PC World tests and reviews three different types of printers--inkjets, monochrome lasers, and color lasers--on an ongoing basis, and also regularly tests multifunction devices that use each of those printing methods. No matter which kind of printer you're looking for, here's the information you need to make a well-informed purchase.

The Big Picture
From inexpensive inkjets to monochrome and color lasers, different printers are designed to do different jobs. Here's how they stack up, feature by feature. more

Key Specs Explained
We unravel the mysteries of print speed, print quality, and maximum resolution--and tell you which specs are really important. more

Printer Shopping Tips
Whether you want an ink jet for home use or a laser printer to take care of the whole office, we've got recommendations to make your purchase easier. more

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