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Online Backup: Keep Your Data at a Safe Distance (chart)

These services ensure that your important files are secure on their Web servers no matter what calamity may befall the PC situated in your home or office.

SERVICEPCW RatingPricingFree trialBrowser-based accessMap as network drive
1 IBackup 78 Good $10 per month or $100 per year for up to 5GB; $50 per month or $500 per year for 50GB; Enhanced and Workgroup plans also available 15 days Yes Yes
Not quite as friendly as XDrive, but has the same low price and features as well as a more reliable backup client.
2 XDrive 77 Good $10 per month or $100 per year for up to 5GB; $300 per year for 50GB 15 days Yes Yes
As cheap as a fee-based service gets. Features go way beyond backup, but the client software can be buggy.
3 AmberWave Communications FirstBackup 77 Good $4 per month (3-month minimum) or $39 per year for up to 50MB; $12 per month or $110 per year for 1GB; additional gigabytes cost $2.75 per month or $25 per year 15 days No No
Superclean client and reliable, secure service. A good choice for businesses that want to avoid Web security hassles.
4 Acpana Data Deposit Box 76 Good $0.01 per megabyte to 1GB; $3 per gigabyte per month above 1GB 30 days Yes No
A penny per MB is great for small amounts of storage. Client backs up during PC idle time. Excellent Web interface.
Beta, Not Rated ElephantDrive n/a Free (500MB) n/a No Not in beta
Promising beta with free storage, but it isn't ready for prime time. Currently requires Microsoft's .Net Framework.
Beta, Not Rated Mozy n/aFree for up to 2GB; $20 per year for 5GBn/a Beta offers restore only No
Easy to use; customers using the free plan receive a weekly newsletter. Note that service was in beta at testing.
CHART NOTES: Pricing and ratings are as of 5/10/06; n/a = not applicable.
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