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Once confined to businesses and to the homes of hard-core geeks, networks have become increasingly common. And PCs aren't the only things in households and small offices that require a hookup: These days, printers, Voice-over-IP phones, game consoles, media centers, and other devices need an Internet link. Why not have them all share a single broadband connection?

The Big Picture
Learn the benefits and drawbacks of the different types of wired and wireless networks. more

Key Features
Read about the factors you should consider when selecting a type of network. more

The Specs Explained
Find out how to make sure a network is fast and secure enough for your needs. more

Home Networking Shopping Tips
Read our strategies for picking out the best networking technology before you start shopping. more

If you're eager to see what products are available, you can get some idea of the enormous variety of networking gear in PC World Shopping.

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