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ViewSonic VX2025wm

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ViewSonic VX2025wm
Photograph: Chris Manners

Think you can't afford a 20-inch wide-screen monitor? Consider the ViewSonic VX2025wm, at a modest $380 (as of 5/18/06). You'll find 19-inch regular-format monitors that cost more. However, you'll find little on the VX2025wm beyond the screen.

The black-bezeled VX2025wm sits on a black-and-silver stand with a rectangular cutout. Rubber pads on the bottom of the stand prevent it from slipping. It's a nice-looking monitor, if not as jaw-droppingly gorgeous as Acer's Ferrari F-20. The VX2025wm forgos the entertainment-friendly inputs that other 20-inch wide-screens offer. Tilt is its only physical adjustment; I'd have liked to see height adjustment as well.

Like most ViewSonics, the VX2025wm uses cryptic symbols on its screen control buttons. However, the buttons are easy to read, and the menus they summon are very easy to follow. The VX2025wm's documentation, more complete than that of most in its competitive set, include useful explanations for some commonly unexplained settings, such as the color temperature settings.

In terms of image quality, the VX2025wm turns in a respectable performance. It received good scores on all text and graphics tests, neither distinguishing nor embarrassing itself on any particular one. Several jurors noted a dim screen; had the default brightness been set higher, the VX2025wm might have scored better.

The ViewSonic VX2025wm may not be the fanciest 20-inch wide-screen out there, but its performance will handle basic monitor tasks. If your viewing needs are simple and your wallet's not eager to disgorge its contents, the VX2025 could be the 20-inch answer you're looking for.

Laura Blackwell

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At a Glance
  • Budget model doesn't have quite the screen quality or features of its peers--but it's easy to use, and its price is low.


    • Easy to use; low price


    • Few useful features
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