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Advanced Warp Screensaver

This screen saver makes your computer desktop look as if it's undergoing some strange transformation--melting, suddenly blurring and receding, or being obscured by a storm front. You can set it to respond to mouse movement, so that you can create your own patterns with swirling clouds or colors. This trial version doesn't expire, but registering for $15 removes the nag screen and gets you additional effects, technical support, and a free upgrade to future versions.


Smoothly rendered, 3D kaleidoscopic images silently morph from one pattern to the next, generating flowerlike pictures, mandalas, and images that look like they could be from outer space. This trial version doesn't expire, but it includes nag screens and text messages that explain how you can tweak the screen saver. Registering for $13 removes those distractions.

Da Vinci Encoded

Turn your monitor into an art gallery with this screen saver. Imagine a cloud of letters floating in space. The letters coalesce into an image of Leonardo Da Vinci's famous Mona Lisa. If you tire of that iconic face, you can use your own .jpg, .gif, or .bmp images instead. Da Vinci Encoded is free for 14 days and costs $5 to register.

Electric Art Screen Saver

This screen saver generates random works of computer art. Cartoonlike swirls, squiggles, and spirals silently appear on screen, creating an image that remains for a few seconds. It then dissolves, the background color changes, and a new image is generated. This trial version doesn't expire, but it is limited in functionality (you can't customize the art), and it includes nag screens and text messages. Registering the program for $13 removes those distractions and limitations.


Three-dimensional images of various currencies and denominations flutter gently in space, sometimes coming up to the front of your screen and rotating. The graphics in Moolah are amazing. You can choose the currency type (U.S. dollars, say) or mix currencies. You can also specify how the notes flutter (random rotation, top down, and so on) and how large they are. In addition, you can choose how many fill your screen, with options ranging from "small change" to "a drug lord's plane exploded." The 14-day trial version lets you choose between Australian and U.S. dollars, but once you register the screen saver for $5, you can add a wide range of currencies.


Imagine a cross between a fireworks show, a fractal generator, and a dynamic mandala, and you'll come close to what this screen saver has to offer. Swirling patterns materialize from points of light and move toward you or recede into the black background; or you can set the program to "ball" mode, in which case the patterns fold in upon themselves. This trial version includes nag screens and text messages that explain how you can tweak the program. Registering the program for $13 removes those distractions.

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