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PICKLIST: Our Favorite Helpers and Add-Ons

Tools: Helper Apps

  1. PSP-Vault Stuck Pixel Fixer wipes out an LCD's persistent dots. Free
  2. Loki Wi-Fi finder fixes on your location automatically and identifies nearby hotspots. Free
  3. PictureCode Noise Ninja digital-image enhancer wipes the static from your photographs. $35
  4. MusicIP Mixer generates playlists from your audio library. Free
  5. eRightSoft Super converts YouTube .flv files to other formats. Free

Gear: Best Add-Ons

  1. Mitsumi's FA404M internal seven-in-one memory-card reader saves you a USB port. $25
  2. Jabra's BT620s USB Bluetooth stereo adapter lets you listen to music and answer phone calls. $83
  3. Colorvision's Spyder2 express samples your monitor's colors and corrects them automatically. $70
  4. Lensbaby adds professional perspective effects to your images. $150
  5. V-Moda's Bass Fréq in-canal earphones bring out the bass in all of your media-player files. $50
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