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Honorable Places of Procrastination

The "Google-verse"

We considered including a number of Google's services in our list, but they've become ubiquitous, so where's the fun in that? The company's standout browser-based time wasters continue to be image search and Google Groups, but just keeping track of the company's services is a good way in itself to lose time.

Subservient Everything

Subservient Chicken
In 2004, Burger King launched Subservient Chicken, an utterly mind-numbing yet addictive site, featuring Webcam-like video of a man dressed in a chicken suit and wearing a garter belt. The idea: You type in commands, and he'll do what you say, within reason. Subservient Chicken responds to roughly 300 unique commands and spawned what must be an equal number of tribute and parody sites, including a Subservient President, Donald Trump, and sexy bartenders, all ready to do thy virtual bidding.

Everyday, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office grants patents for some pretty oddball ideas and inventions. And every day, gives us a humorous take on the best of them. Yes, they're all real patents.

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