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No Hassle


I signed up for a monthly $29.95 U.S. Deluxe Membership with Ancestry.com and cancelled after one month of membership. The company's Web site directed me to cancel online, but then required me to call a toll-free number to confirm the cancellation.


I was a Gold member of Audible.com for 14 days, and I canceled without ever having used the service. For this reason, I received a full refund. But the customer service representative I spoke to pointed out that Audible.com does not give refunds to customers who have used the service.

Consumer Reports Online

This site posted cancellation information prominently on the site and made unsubscribing a breeze. First I went to the 'Manage My Account' link at the front of my Consumer Reports Online welcome screen. Next I clicked a 'Find Answers' link. The first question and answer on this page addressed how to cancel an account. Following the directions to cancel required just three more clicks.


Cancellation information was easy to find on this diet service's Web site. The only negatives were having to call to cancel and incurring a surprise early termination fee of $25.


I had no trouble finding cancellation information on GameFly's site, and the company never charged my credit card during or after the 30-day free trial. The only mildly annoying aspects of canceling were having to confirm on a couple of Web pages that I wanted to cancel and having to take a multiple-choice exit interview.


GoToMyPC poured it on thick with pleas for me to stay when I called to cancel. I wasn't too pleased by this--but compared to the number and type of hassles I experienced at other sites, the level of pressure was no big deal.


I was a Match.com customer for less than 30 days. Finding cancellation information on the site was easy. My only cavil relates to the lengthy exit interview that quizzed me about why I was canceling.


I canceled my Mvelopes online budgeting service less than two weeks after signing up. The site's clearly posted information about canceling directed me to call customer support. When I called the number provided by Mvelopes.com to cancel, I was directed to call a second number--but then I unsubscribed without a hitch.

Reservation Rewards

Reservation Rewards makes it easy to cancel online or, if you prefer, by calling customer service. The site's Member Benefits section provides a link to frequently asked questions. Here, one of the first questions and answers is: "How do I cancel my Membership?" From the answer given, I was able to jump directly to a page that asked me to finalize my cancellation by clicking a 'confirm' link.


You never "cancel" your account with Salon; you just stop them from billing you. As a result, I continued to receive daily Salon newsletters even after I had stopped the billing. But after opting out of receiving daily e-mail from Salon, I never heard from the company again.


Cancellation instructions on this online postage site directed me to call a toll free number; a representative at that number canceled my account quickly.

The New York Times TimesSelect

The Times let me unsubscribe with four clicks of my mouse, qualifying it as the easiest-to-cancel service in my tests.

The Wall Street Journal Online

I signed up for a $9.95 monthly subscription to Wall Street Journal Online. When I canceled after 14 days, I received a full refund under the terms of a trial offer. The Journal Online gives you two ways to cancel: bye-mail or by phone. I initially chose e-mail; but when I didn't receive a response, I tried calling. Customer service reps handled my request quickly and efficiently, and they didn't nag me to stay.


I had to call to cancel this service; and when I did, I had to pay attention through lengthy voice prompts and an exit interview. But in the end I got a full refund, as Vonage had promised.


I had no trouble finding a cancellation page at Vongo's Web site, which instructed me to call a phone number to cancel. Though it lasted for 4 minutes, my call to Vongo was uneventful. It consisted of navigating phone menus and connecting with a customer service rep, who then processed my cancellation request. Despite my having canceled, though, the movie-download service still sends me e-mail messages.

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