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Nokia E62

At a Glance
  • Nokia E62

This newcomer to the PDA phone scene has quickly become a top contender thanks to a bevy of features and a keyboard that's a pleasure to type on. Available from Cingular, this handset lacks high-speed HSDPA support (it does support EDGE) and has some interface quirks that take a little getting used to, but it's one of the most capable smart phones on the market.

As a phone, the E62 is on the quiet side, so your callers may be hard to hear. Dialing is easy, however, and the unit is comfortably light to hold. Talk-time battery life is excellent, reaching the 10-hour maximum that we test for.

The E62's roomy keyboard is its biggest draw: It's one of the most spacious arrangements I've ever seen on a candy-bar handset, with wide, flat keys that are beautifully sized and spaced. Setting up e-mail is a breeze, and sending and receiving messages are just as simple. The E62 handles attachments with aplomb, and its included office suite lets you edit documents easily. Though the included MP3 player is loud and clear, you'll want to use the bundled headset in lieu of the tinny internal speaker.

My few complaints center on features that the E62 lacks: It has no camera and no 3G service. The Symbian OS is surprisingly sluggish, too; I found myself hitting commands several times, thinking that the button presses hadn't registered, when in reality the E62 was just processing them slowly.

Otherwise, it's a stellar little device. Factor in its reasonable $200 price, and the E62 is a top contender-and number one on our chart.

Christopher Null

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At a Glance
  • This affordable Symbian-based PDA phone is perfect for people who want to use productivity software.


    • Roomy keyboard for easy typing
    • Includes a great selection of software


    • Symbian OS can be tricky to use
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