High-Def Video Superguide

High-Def Video Superguide

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  • Philips BDP9000

  • Toshiba HD-A2

  • Toshiba HD-XA2

  • Samsung BD-P1000

  • Pioneer Electronics Pioneer Elite BDP-HD1

  • Sony BDP-S1

  • Panasonic DMP-BD10

  • Microsoft Xbox 360 HD DVD Player

High-Def Video Superguide

High-Def Video Superguide

High-definition movies are here. Whichever format you choose--be it Blu-ray Disc or HD DVD--you'll find your viewing experience enhanced by more-accurate and better-saturated colors, and greater detail. These two formats are vying to be the sole successor to standard-definition DVD, the dominant format for the past decade; with no clear winner in sight, you'll have to pick sides when buying a player, whether it's for your living room or your PC. Choose the wrong format, and your player's technology--and your movie collection--may become obsolete.

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