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Project #5: Manage Your Media

Quick Photo Editing in Windows

Vista's Photo Gallery program is handy for more than just viewing photos--it also serves as a quick-and-dirty photo editor. To get started, open an image in the app and click Fix to adjust its color and exposure, remove red-eye, and perform other actions; or click Auto Adjust to apply the fixes instantly (see FIGURE 7

FIGURE 7: Vista's Photo Gallery program lets you perform basic image corrections with a single click, or use its tools to make your adjustments manually.

Search Windows Media Player

If you have a big media library, finding specific files can be difficult. Windows Media Player 11 lets you more easily search for tracks by album, artist, and other criteria through search modifiers. For instance, to find Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone," type Title:Rolling Stone into the search box to keep the similarly named band out of the results. To see what other fields are available, right-click a column heading and select Choose Columns. Or right-click a track, choose Advanced Tag Editor, and make your selection.

For more on Windows Media Player, see our chart of WMP keyboard shortcuts.

Snip Your Screens

Capturing screens just got a lot easier: Vista's Snipping Tool makes snagging all or part of your screen images--and adding annotations--a breeze. Click Start, All Programs (or Programs on the Classic Start menu), Accessories, Snipping Tool (or just type snip in the Start Search box and press <Enter>).

When the Snipping Tool box appears, drag the pointer around the area you want to capture and click the New button to choose the kind of snip; you can grab a freeform or rectangular area, capture the active window, or take the entire screen. You can save the image to a file, or click the Copy button to add it to the Clipboard for pasting into another application. Choose the Options button to include a URL with the snip if you've captured it from the Web, set the program to copy snips directly to the Clipboard, and perform other actions.

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