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When we sat down to choose The 50 Best Tech Products of All Time, one fact was clear: No matter which products we selected, we would hear from outraged people informing us that we had completely messed up.

Know what? That's one of the reasons we compiled our list--to get a nostalgic, passionate debate going. And in the days since April 2, when we posted the article, hundreds of people have made the case for a bevy of products that we overlooked, at venues including the story's forum thread, the poll embedded in the story, and external gabfests such as this Slashdot discussion. The conversation also continues at an array of blogs all over the Web.

The long, long list of hardware and software that folks thought we should have honored includes some products that we seriously considered and others that we never contemplated--but probably should have. Dozens of items have been mentioned by at least one person, including relative newcomers that may appear on future lists of all-time greats (the Nintendo Wii), forgotten gems that are obscure but worthy (Deluxe Paint III for the Amiga), and old-timers we were a little startled to discover that anyone loved (Prodigy).

Numerous people told us that we should have included the following twelve products in our Top 50--and even though we omitted these items from that group, we hereby (belatedly) acknowledge their greatness.

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