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The Most Annoying Tech Products: Your Top 10 List

Here are our community's selections for the Top 10 most annoying products, along with the percentage voting for each product/service/annoyance. If you haven't had the chance to participate, join in: You can still vote for your least favorite annoyance.

  1. AOL CDs 14%
  2. Windows Me 12%
  3. Anything With DRM 11%
  4. McAfee Internet Security, Symantec Norton Internet Security (combined vote) 10%
  5. RealPlayer 9%
  6. Bonzi Buddy 7%
  7. MySpace 5%
  8. Windows Update 4%
  9. Windows Vista 4%
  10. Apple QuickTime 3%

All others (less than 2% each, for a total of 31%): Comet Cursor, IM Clients (AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Windows Messenger), Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Flash, Apple Pro Mouse, Comcast DVR, eBay, Hotbar, Microsoft Outlook 2003, Quicken 2005, Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Office 97, Plaxo, SoftRam, Twitter, Windows Plus Pack for Windows XP, BlackBerry, Bluetooth headsets, Microsoft Bob, Gator

Dan Tynan writes PC World's Gadget Freak column. He is perpetually annoyed by something.
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