10 Things We Hate About Apple

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5. Where's the Blu-ray?

Steve Jobs was the CEO of animated-movie studio Pixar; Apple is represented on the Blu-ray Disc Association board of directors. The Mac is supposed to be the computer of choice for video professionals.

So where is the option for a Blu-ray Disc or HD DVD player in the fancy new quad-core and eight-core Mac Pros? They're stuck with the same-old SuperDrive. Mac apologists will no doubt provide you with a complex explanation of why this makes perfect sense, but the fact is that next-generation optical drives are available and make sense for some folks, and Macs don't have them. (If the company announces support for one or the other by the time you read this, see "More Secretive Than Homeland Security" above for why we didn't know about it.)

6. Nobody's Perfect

puck mouse

All companies make design mistakes, and in truth, Apple makes far fewer than most. But, despite what the most extreme aficionados say, even Apple's design sense isn't anywhere near flawless. And when it makes goofs, they tend to be doozies.

Examples: The iMac's perfectly-round, ergonomically egregious puck mouse, or the Toilet-Seat iBook (complete with handle). Don't forget the Shuffle audio player, whose lack of a screen or other discernable navigation aid Apple has successfully spun as a "feature." (Yes, we know that the Shuffle is wildly popular--and yes, we'd still rather buy a player that can tell us what it's playing.)

7. Give Me a Sign

Does anyone want to tell us when the next Mac OS X software updates will hit? What security vulnerabilities Apple is working on fixing? In April, Apple released a patch that plugged more than two dozen vulnerabilities--with absolutely zero advance notice. Mac users were wide open to attacks, and they never knew it. Even Microsoft (usually) tells people when to expect patches, and often tells you how to protect yourself until the patches are ready.

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