In Pictures: Readers' Picks for Best Products of the Year

We asked for your nominations, and you responded. Here are your favorite products.

Nintendo Wii (game console)

"Not only has Wii brought fun and interaction back into the gaming world, but it actually makes people exercise a little bit. Wii is just so 'real' at times, it's scary." --Forum reader MarvTV Review | Check Prices

Parallels Desktop (virtualization software)

"The ability to run Windows, Linux, or just about any other operating system from within Mac OS X has to be one of the greatest things to happen in the past year. I'm now able to test Web-based applications cross-platform, all on one computer, without rebooting/multibooting. It's Web development heaven!" --Forum reader gecko85 Review | Check Prices

Apple TV (media-streaming device)

"[Apple TV] will enable people to view content in many [more] different ways than the standard distribution channels want to provide. Just like the iPod, it could well change the industry for the good." --Forum reader ncharter Review | Check Prices

Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite (game console)

"'Unique' does not begin to explain the amazing Xbox. Integrated and fast with a vast network behind it, the Xbox 360 is superior to all other systems available today." --Forum reader rmforesman Review | Check Prices

Sling Media Slingbox Pro (media-streaming device)

"It's like the next iPod of its kind. It's so well made... You can use almost anything with it: TV, Xbox 360, DVD player, etc." --Reader Chris Mori Check Prices

Mozilla Firefox 2 (Web browser)

"The best browser just got better. Session saving and a built-in spell checker make it better than ever." --Forum reader trevor97007 Download

Apple iPod Nano (MP3 player)

"Better and brighter screen, significantly improved battery life, and an aluminum case make taking your tunes on the road a special treat. Whether it's in the gym, watching a sports game, or jogging in the rain, my Nano keeps my music flowing." --Forum reader wgibson Check Prices

Apple MacBook Pro (power notebook)

"A wonderful, powerful, elegantly designed laptop that can run Windows if you need it. More important, it runs OS X 10.4.9 and will run the industry-leading Leopard when [that OS] is released." --Reader Michael Lee Review | Check Prices

Check Point Software ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite (security software)

"Best security suite out there. Catches almost everything." --Forum reader mile23 Review | Download Store