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The Top 100 Products, Numbers 91 to 100

91. Microsoft Windows Media Player 11
(digital music software; free) Microsoft added album-art matching, tossed in improved searching capabilities, and introduced a completely redesigned interface to this version of Media Player. The result: a media manager you'll actually want to use. Download

92. Netflix Watch Now
(movie rental service; $5 per month and up) Netflix has long been a popular favorite, and the addition of streaming online movies to the mix only makes the service better. Vendor Site

93. Audacity
(audio editing; free) Another free-software triumph, Audacity is where it's at for quick-and-dirty manipulation of audio files. Download

94. Congoo
(Web news/information service; free) On this specialized news site, you can search and read content that's normally locked away behind a paid-subscription wall. Review

95. Adblock Plus
(browser plug-in; free) Tired of slow page loads and flashing Web ads? AdBlock Plus (for Mozilla-based browsers such as Firefox) can speed up and clean up your surfing. Download

96. Buffalo Nfiniti Dual Band Gigabit Router & Access Point
(wireless router; $130) This is the first draft-802.11n router to also support 802.11b/g/a Wi-Fi gear and gigabit ethernet. Check Prices

Panasonic HDC-SD1
97. Panasonic HDC-SD1
(HD camcorder; $1500) This exceptionally light camcorder records HD video to a 4GB SD Card, with impressive quality. Review | Check Prices

Logitech Harmony 880 Advanced Universal Remote
98. Logitech Harmony 880 Advanced Universal Remote
(universal remote control; $249) Logitech's Harmony remotes bring something new to your home-theater setup: sanity. The 880's color screen makes setting up and controlling a variety of devices easy. Review | Check Prices

99. Sling Media SlingPlayer Mobile
(mobile video player; $30) Just when you thought Slingbox couldn't make video more portable, this app brings your media to compatible Windows Smartphone or Pocket PC devices. Vendor Site

100. Shure SE210
(headphones; $150) These entry-level Shure in-ear headphones pump out impressive sound via a single-driver design. Review | Check Prices

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