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The Top 100 Products, Numbers 2 to 10

Intel Core 2 Duo
2. Intel Core 2 Duo
(desktop CPU; $150 and up) It's superfast, it's not too expensive, and it uses less energy than its predecessor does. But could Core 2 Duo be too good? Unless AMD can respond to its startling success, the absence of competition could drive up desktop PC prices. That's how terrific this CPU is. Review | Check Prices

3. Nintendo Wii
(game console; $250) Readers went gaga for the first game console to get nongamers hooked on gaming, nominating it more than any other product. With motion-sensitive controls and a slate of fun games for all ages, Nintendo really has something with the Wii. Now if only we could find one for sale... Review | Check Prices

4. Verizon FiOS
(Internet service; $40 per month and up) Supplying enough bandwidth to offer IPTV plus Internet access at up to 30 megabits per second, fiber is the way of the future. As of this writing, FiOS users on gave the service an 84 percent satisfaction rating. Vendor Site

BlackBerry 8800
5. RIM Blackberry 8800
(smart phone; $350 with two-year contract) Take one sweet smart phone, and add GPS. With no camera but some serious e-mail mojo, the 8800 is all business. Review | Check Prices

6. Parallels Desktop
(virtualization software; $80) A Mac OS application in PC World's Top 10? You bet. With a simple interface and improving 3D acceleration, Parallels offers the slickest way to run Windows (or any other OS) on Apple's beautifully designed Intel-based hardware. Review | Check Prices

Pioneer Elite PRO-FHD1
7. Pioneer Elite 1080p PRO-FHD1
(plasma HDTV; $8000) In a crowded field of nice-looking HDTVs, Pioneer's high-res Elite series plasma stands alone as the display that everyone wants. If you have the means, we highly recommend it. Check Prices

Infrant ReadyNAS
8. Infrant Technologies ReadyNAS NV
(network-attached storage device; $900) Great for backups or shared storage, Infrant's 1TB ReadyNAS performs well and includes helpful features such as uPNP support and a built-in print server. Check Prices

9. Apple Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger"
(operating system; $129) Quick: Name a good Vista feature that goes beyond what's in Tiger. Yeah, we can't either. Review | Check Prices

Adobe Premiere Elements 3
10. Adobe Premiere Elements 3
(video-editing software; $99) Like the rest of Adobe's Elements products, Premiere gives you just the video editing features you need at a reasonable price. Review | Check Prices

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