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The Top 100 Products, Numbers 11 to 20

Apple TV
11. Apple TV
(media-streaming device; $299) Apple's media streamer focuses on doing a beautiful job at a few key tasks. Now that it's out in the wild, hackers can focus on making it do a bunch more cool things. Review | Check Prices

Samsung SyncMaster 244T
12. Samsung Syncmaster 244T
(wide-screen monitor; $700) The 24-inch wide-screen LCD has been this year's hot display format, and Samsung's model is one of the best, with outstanding image quality and lots of useful features. Review | Check Prices

13. BillP Studios WinPatrol
(system utility; free) When programs install themselves, WinPatrol watches your back, ensuring that tray icons, update checkers, and other random junk show up on your PC only if you allow them. Download

HP dv9000t
14. HP dv9000t
(power notebook; starts at $1099) This attractive 17-inch notebook is a terrific performer when properly equipped. An optional HD DVD drive lets you rock the HD movies on its WXGA+ screen. Review | Check Prices

15. McAfee SiteAdvisor
(security software; free) The free version of SiteAdvisor can warn you away from spyware, adware, or phishing sites before you visit them, giving you some peace of mind during your Web surfing. Download

16. Ubuntu 7.04
(operating system; free) Fast and friendly, Ubuntu has solidified itself as the one Linux distribution that Linux geeks love and newbies can comfortably use. Even Dell turned to the 7.04 version of Ubuntu when it announced its intention to preload some systems with Linux. Review

(digital music site; free) Sadly, the current scrap over Internet-radio royalty payments may turn this award into a eulogy for Pandora, a nifty Internet radio service that learns your preferences and plays songs you've never heard but will probably like. Review

Xbox 360 Elite
18. Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite
(game console; $480) The high-end Xbox 360 now ships with 1080p support and a 120GB hard drive, but it's the Xbox Live service, and the games and downloadable video on it, that make Microsoft's console really shine. Review | Check Prices

(image editing software; free) This open-source photo editing application packs tons of muscle into a measly 1.3MB download that doesn't cost a dime. Impressive. Download

20. Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000
(hard drive; $399) Sure, it's pricey, but Hitachi's 1TB monster isn't just a big hard drive: It aced our performance tests. Review | Check Prices

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