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The Top 100 Products, Numbers 31 to 40

31. Gmail
(Web-based e-mail service; free) Whether in storage capacity, searchability, or raw speed, Google's Gmail feels like e-mail without limits. Vendor Site

Slingbox Pro
Photograph: Marc Simon
32. Sling Media Slingbox Pro
(media-streaming device; $249) Send live or recorded media to any Net-linked device with a browser. Check Prices

33. Red Octane Guitar Hero 2
(video game; $90) Shredding your way through an array of classic guitar rock anthems has never been so much fun. Video | Check Prices

34. YouTube
(video site; free) Is there a better way to waste time on the Web? If so, we haven't found it. We'll keep looking after we watch just one more video. Vendor Site

35. Mozilla Firefox 2
(Web browser; free) Sure, Microsoft eventually did some nice things with IE 7, but why even bother with that browser if you don't have to? Firefox is secure, free, and always improving. Download

36. Google Picasa
(image editor; free) Google's no-cost app makes organizing, renaming, and sharing photos as easy as...well, a Google search. Download

37. Nikon D80
(digital SLR camera; $1200) Ultrafast response time, beautiful photo quality, and convenient, useful features such as in-camera photo editing--what more could you want from a high-quality digital SLR model? Review | Check Prices

38. Skype 3
(VoIP software/service; unlimited calling, $68 per year) Though Skype may not replace a landline, the service makes VoIP calling easy--and cheap. Download

39. Aliph Jawbone
(headset; $120) Now that Aliph's attractive noise-canceling headset has gone wireless, the Jawbone is indisputably the coolest way to look like you're talking to yourself. Review | Check Prices

40. Shure E500PTH
(headphones; $499) The innovative push-to-hear module pipes in sounds from the outside at the flick of a switch. These audio-isolating headphones otherwise keep you immersed in a pristine sonic environment. Review | Check Prices

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