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The Top 100 Products, Numbers 41 to 50

CyberPower Gamer Infinity Ultimate
Photograph: Marc Simon
41. CyberPower Gamer Infinity Ultimate
(power desktop; $4399 as last tested) Chock-full of high-end options, CyberPower's Gamer Infinity Ultimate PCs have consistently placed near the top of our power-PC charts on the strength of their components and (relatively) reasonable prices. Review | Check Prices

42. Asus w5fe-2P025E
(ultraportable notebook; $2199) One of the first Windows Vista SideShow notebooks, Asus's 12.1-inch w5fe packs enough power for an everyday machine. Review | Check Prices

43. AVS Forum
(Web forum; free) You'll find the best info on all things home entertainment--from the latest HD sets and players to cable-quality myths--at this revered Web forum. Web Site

44. Flickr
(photo-sharing site; free) Yahoo's photo-sharing site is fun and fast by itself--but all the little apps that are built around Flickr make it one of the best services available. Review

45. Apple iPod Nano
(MP3 player; $149 and up) Now with up to 8GB of capacity, Apple's flash player can hold more than enough music for casual listeners in a package the size of a few business cards. Check Prices

Nikon Coolpix S50c
46. Nikon Coolpix S50c
(point-and-shoot digital camera; $350) Built-in Wi-Fi, a 3-inch LCD, and direct uploads to Flickr (see #44) are the highlights of this thin little point-and-shoot. Check Prices

47. Dell Ultrasharp 2007WFP
(wide-screen monitor; $390) If you can't afford to step up to a full 24-inch wide-screen LCD, 20-inchers like this Dell are your next best bet. Review | Check Prices

48. OCZ Trifecta Secure Digital Memory Card
(flash memory; $25 and up) This superfast microSD flash card from an enthusiast memory maker comes bundled with an SD Card adapter that's equipped with a flip-down USB adapter. Check Prices

49. Archos 704 WiFi
(portable media player; $549) Is it a video player or a PDA? Archos's 704-WiFi is a bit of both. Full 802.11g wireless access, a 7-inch touch screen, and a built-in Web browser make for a truly interesting combo device. Review | Check Prices

50. Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Tablet
(ultraportable convertible notebook; $2500) Well-designed ultraportables such as the convertible X60 Tablet prove that the venerable ThinkPad line is still in good hands. Review | Check Prices

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