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The Top 100 Products, Numbers 51 to 60

51. Canon EOS 30D
(digital SLR camera; $1499) The successor to Canon's popular 20D camera includes well-designed controls and a bump up in its LCD screen size to 2.5 inches. Review | Check Prices

(music-trading Web site; $1.79 per CD received) List your CD collection through LaLa's efficient Ajax interface, and then trade discs you don't want for ones you do. Review

53. Google Maps for Mobile
(mapping service; free) Need directions on the go? Try bringing the power of Google Maps to your mobile phone. Vendor Site

Canon Pixma iP4300
54. Canon Pixma iP4300
(inkjet printer; $90) Sometimes you simply need a solid printer, and Canon's Pixma iP4300 is just that. Beneath its minimalist design lies a fast inkjet that delivers very good image quality. Review | Check Prices

55. Kaspersky Anti-Virus
(antivirus software; $50) PC security is as important as ever, and Kaspersky's fast response to outbreaks makes this a first-rate tool for locking down your PC. Review | Check Prices

56. Microsoft Office 2007
(office suite; $100) Innovation in Microsoft Office? That has to drop the temperature in Hades a few degrees. This year Office got an entirely new interface, built around a toolbar-eliminating "ribbon" that exposes Office's many options. Review | Check Prices

Asus Crosshair
57. Asus Crosshair
(motherboard; $250) Packed with high-quality integrated sound and nearly every port you could ever want, this board for AMD CPUs is an overclocker's delight. Test Report | Check Prices

(community-based news Web site; free) Whether it's political debates, hot new software, or other sites such as ICanHasCheezburger, keeps you plugged in to whatever's hot on the Web at the moment. Web Site

59. Dell XPS M1210
(ultraportable notebook; $1299 and up) Designing an ultraportable to be an entertainment machine is a tall order, but the XPS M1210 proves that Dell was equal to the task. Review | Check Prices

60. Creative Zen V Plus, 8GB
(MP3 player; $200) Apple's iPod Nano may be more popular, but with FM radio, a built-in mic, and a pretty interface, the Zen V Plus is a better value. Review | Check Prices

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