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The Top 100 Products, Numbers 71 to 80

NEC MultiSync90GX2
71. NEC MultiSync 90GX2
(19-inch LCD monitor; $300) As workhorse monitors go, NEC's glossy-screen MultiSync 90GX2 is quite the thoroughbred. Hey, we can't all have gigantic wide-screen LCDs gracing our desks. Review | Check Prices

72. Adobe CS3
(graphics software suite; $450 and up) You'll pay an arm and a leg for Adobe's latest Creative Suite, but for creative pros its improved multithreading support and updates to all of Adobe's critical apps are worth it. Review | Check Prices

Dell XPS410
73. Dell XPS 410
(power desktop; $2033) Dell's XPS 410 isn't the most powerful high-end desktop you can find, but its easy setup, minimal bundle of preinstalled trial applications, and clean design all make it a great value. Review | Check Prices

74. Meebo
(instant messaging; free) If you've ever traveled without a notebook, you'll appreciate Meebo. Log in, and you have access to all your IM contacts in a neat little Web-based app--no installation required. Review

75. Process Explorer
(system utility; free) Like Task Manager on steroids, Process Explorer shows you exactly what's running on your system in minute detail. Download

Wacom Graphire
76. Wacom Graphire Bluetooth 6x8 Pen Tablet
(input device; $249) Whether you're an artist or you simply prefer pen-based interaction with your desktop, Wacom's Graphire tablets are accurate and affordable. Check Prices

77. VMWare Player
(virtualization software; free) Before you install another application you just aren't sure about, download the free VMWare Player. Then try that app out in a virtual machine where it can't mess up your PC. Vendor Site

78. Emusic
(digital music; starts at $10 per month for 30 downloads) The service still sticks to high-profile independent music, but Emusic sold DRM-free tunes long before EMI got on board. Web Site

Tivo Series3 HD
79. TiVo Series3 HD Digital Media Recorder
(DVR; $800) With the Series3, TiVo fanatics can now record up to 32 hours of HD or 300 hours of standard-def programming, even from two channels at once--that is, if they can get their cable provider to give them a CableCard. Review | Check Prices

80. Netvibes
(customizable home page; free) Construct your very own home page with as much or as little of the Net as you like. You can even add e-mail and calendar modules. Web Site

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