In Pictures: Microsoft's Multi-Touch 'Surface' Table

Microsoft is introducing today its first 'surface computing' device--a smart table that takes natural, touch-based input at multiple points.

Microsoft Surface

It may look like an old barroom Pac-Man machine, but Microsoft's Surface is the company's first product to make use of a new interface technology the firm calls "surface computing."

Showing Off Snapshots

A Microsoft rep demonstrates Surface's photo-viewing application. Around the edges of the screen, shots are grouped into several neat piles, while others are arranged more haphazardly.

Multi-Touch Zoom

Zooming in on a particular photo is as easy as grabbing its corners and stretching the image.

Maximum Zoom

Zoom in far enough on a photo, and it will take up all of Surface's 1024-by-768-pixel display.

Virtual Menu

Want a better way to order room service? A virtual concierge app gives you a new way to browse through menu items at a hotel.

I'll Have Another...

Here's another shot of a virtual concierge app, where two users can simultaneously browse menu items on opposite sides of the screen.

There's a Jukebox in Your Table

Surface should offer some intriguing new ways to organize and play music.

Yeah, but How Do I Fold It?

Touch-based zoom and drag gestures make interactive maps a natural function for Microsoft Surface machines.

Comparison Shopping

Tiny tags on products will allow partners such as T-Mobile to use Surface kiosks to give customers more information about products in the store.

How About a Little Drawing?

Suddenly PC World's art department staffers feel much more secure in their jobs...

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