Nintendo US to Relocate, Majority of Sales Team Quits

Last week, GamePro reported about the resignation of 90 percent of Nintendo of America's entire sales and marketing department result of the company's plans to relocate from their Redmond, WA offices to a site possibly in either New York or San Francisco. In response to the anonymous claims that originally broke the story, NoA president Reggie Fils-Aime finally broke the silence by confirming both the company's relocation plans and the mass departures of its staff.

"Virtually all of the employees affected by the relocation plan have now responded with their decisions, and approximately four of every ten have agreed to make the move to either New York or the Bay Area, in keeping with our original expectations," Fils-Aime wrote in a recent letter posted by Gamasutra.

Meanwhile, the employment fates of Beth Llewelyn, Perrin Kaplan, and George Harrison still remain unknown, as Fils-Aime stated specifically that the company "can not discuss the relocation status of any individual involved". Once their employment status, as well as Nintendo's final relocation decision is revealed, GamePro will update you once the information becomes available.

This story, "Nintendo US to Relocate, Majority of Sales Team Quits" was originally published by GamePro.

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