Julie Amero Verdict Dropped, Ad-Aware Updated

This week the PC World community was buzzing with news of the guilty verdict against Julie Amero being dropped. Many of you felt that she should not have been charged in the first place, and a few think her legal fees should be paid for her. Read the story, then let us know what you think.

Lavasoft updated its popular Ad-Aware program, but not everyone is happy with the new version. Read our review and let us know what your experiences have been.

Apple announced a version of its popular Safari Web browser for Windows on Monday at the World Wide Developer's Conference. Will you download it or ignore it? Take our Community Poll and tell us what you think.

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Guilty Verdict Dropped in Porn Pop-Up Case Against Teacher

timothyjacobs624 says: I feel so sorry for that poor teacher. This was not her fault at all. I blame the school district. If they would have had their district's computers properly secured and their Internet network having the proper filters to block pornography, this would have never happened.

Laurence says: Yup...40 years is a hell long for just an accidental view. How would that hurt a minor? I think we lost a lot of our common sense.

gilrob says: While justice may not have been completely served, at least it is taking a step in the right direction. The "risk of injury to a minor charge" was a very serious felony. This poor woman could have been put away in jail for a long, long time.

stewthenephew says: An expert should have figured out that the computer was infected with spyware. The same thing happened to my daughter when she was around 14 years old. Pornographic pop-ups all over her monitor at start up, which probably came from some music download site. I fixed it with a system restore.

dacohenz says: It's nice to finally hear that our legal system may actually work every now and then. I have been following this story; the school did not do its job by having proper protection and did not have its protection software updated. I hope that this teacher eventually wins the case and sues the school.

1234mike says: As a security consultant in the computer industry I am just flabbergasted that this would have made it to trial. My wife is a teacher and not an expert in computer malware; I would be very saddened if this were to happen to her. I think that the prosecuting attorney needs to have his computer checked and I am not talking about his Dell.

butlerwm says: It's a bit disturbing that the prosecutor is still considering his options on whether to retry the case. It's sad that court cases become cat-and-mouse game between attorneys rather than a real effort to determine where a crime has been committed.

RNR19952 says: If we had real justice, the morons who pressed the charges would pay her attorney fees. I would also like to see the proof that a minor was actually injured.

Read all the posts in this thread and contribute your own opinion.

Lavasoft's Updated Spyware Zapper: Ad-Aware 2007

DoctorDoom says: I like the new Ad-Aware interface, and it definitely is a lot faster than before. Kudos.

hondoe says: Upgrade is not free to previous customers. I was just told by the company that only owners of the most recent versions get the upgrade for free. I purchased the SE version two years ago and have to pay for an update.

EricWoodward says: Error prone. I have gone back to the previous version of Ad-Aware and will not be using the new version--ever. If they discontinue the old product I'll find something else.

Pcfreakske2007 says: I find the new version of Ad-Aware an improvement. Nice updated interface along with a new scanning engine. I can recommend it to everyone.

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Community Poll

Will you try the Safari for Windows beta?

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  • Yes! I will download the Vista version right away.
  • Maybe, I will see how the reviews are first.
  • Maybe, just to play with, but I probably won't switch.
  • No, I don't do beta versions.
  • No, I don't want to touch anything that Apple makes.

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