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Lifestyle and Hobbies

Need a recipe for tonight, an outfit for tomorrow, or a plan for the rest of your life? These blogs can help you find what you're looking for.

Make: Never have more things been created out of Altoids tins than at this blog connected to Make magazine. Read enough of it, and you'll be spending hours crafting things you never even knew you wanted.

Daddytypes.com: Being a dad doesn't have to mean being uncool. That's the motto at Daddytypes, which offers lots of images and opinions about everything from Rolls Royce station wagons to children's books by Graham Greene.

Lifehacker and 43 Folders: Need to get your act together? These two sites will help. Lifehacker's a bit more computer focused, while 43 Folders offers tips for organizing both your digital life and your analog one.

YumSugar: This blog covers everything about cooking and entertaining, including cooking definitions, recipes, exotic ingredients, and more.

Slashfood: What Slashdot is for geeks, Slashfood is for foodies.

FabSugar: FabSugar has all kinds of fashion news and gossip. Check out the "Love It or Hate It?" pages, where a (usually horrible) item is presented for users to vote on and make fun of.

Go Fug Yourself: Pay no attention to the, uh, dubious name. This is a site for folks who want to check out the latest in tasteless but expensive fashion.

Autoblog: Autoblog has cars, cars, and more cars, from hot rods to econoboxes.

38Pitches: Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling isn't just Hall of Fame material--he's a pretty good blogger, too.

The Map Room: This blog has great information about everything map-related on the Web, including a coffee mug with a map of the world that mimics the effect of global warming when you fill it with something hot.

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