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Some bloggers have so much sheer personality that it doesn't much matter what they write about on any given day.

Dynamist: Author Virginia Postrel's engaging blog is about...well, everything she's interested in, from innovative businesses to kidney donations.

Chris Pirillo: Lockergnome creator and former Tech TV host Chris Pirillo has to be one of the funniest guys in (or out) of technology.

Kottke.org: Software developer Jason Kottke has been blogging about his diverse interests since 1998; nobody does more with fewer words.

Blog Maverick: Dot-com billionaire, Dallas Mavericks owner, and HDTV entrepreneur Mark Cuban has opinions on everything from TV news to the NBA draft lottery.

Funny and Bizarre

Though humor is one of the most personal of tastes (one person's belly laugh may be another's horrified cringe), you ought to find a chuckle or two at these sites. But you might not want to read them at work.

Cute Overload: If you like to tilt your head and say "awww" a lot, this blog is for you. (Believe it or not, this photo site showed up on more PC World editors' lists than any other.)

I Can Has Cheezburger: Featuring ridiculous pictures with grammatically incorrect captions, Cheezburger scored right up there with Cute Overload among our editors.

Fake Steve Jobs
Fake Steve Jobs: Even Real Steve Jobs recently said he's an avid reader of this bizarre and funny fantasy, whose author has managed to keep his or her identity secret.

WaiWai: Anyone who has seen Lost in Translation knows that things are a bit different in Japan. If you want to see just how different, read this blog, which has translations of reports originally from Japanese publications.

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