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Epicenter: The new-and-improved Wired News produces this worthy blog with quick hits on tech-industry developments from Silicon Valley and elsewhere.

GigaOM: Business 2.0 reporter Om Malik made news when he quit to blog full-time; now he and his team cover the Web, broadband, and more.

Valleywag: This smart, mean, newsy blog is a must-read for Silicon Valley insiders, as well as anyone who wants to know what they're up to.

Good Morning Silicon Valley: Tied to the San Jose Mercury News, this is a straight-ahead tech news blog with interesting quotes on the day's happenings sprinkled throughout.

Scripting News: Founded in 1997, RSS pioneer Dave Winer's Scripting News was one of the first blogs--and it's still a good source of crusty opinions on almost everything related to tech.

Download Squad: If you read only one blog each day for news about software and Web services, this one--a sibling of Engadget--would be a smart choice.

CNet's Technology & Politics Blog: These days, what you can do with your PC seems determined almost as much by Washington, D.C., as by Silicon Valley. CNet's politics blog fills you in on the legislative moves that will affect you.

The Philter (Light Reading): Telecommunications and broadband aren't typically go-to subjects for a belly laugh--or even a chuckle. But Light Reading's managing editor Phil Harvey manages to cover them in a way that's both funny and informative.

TechBlog: Houston Chronicle reporter Dwight Silverman's technology blog is one of the best ones associated with a newspaper.

Tech_Space: Angela Gunn, former co-host of PC World's Digital Duo, now presides over a surprisingly idiosyncratic and entertaining blog on tech and science--especially surprising considering that it lives on USA Today's site.

Pogue's Posts
Pogue's Posts: New York Times reporter David Pogue's blog is frequently funny, personal, and insightful.

Robert X. Cringely: Robert Cringely, long the gossip columnist for PCW's sibling publication InfoWorld, has brought his unique act to InfoWorld.com.

Scott Rosenberg's Wordyard: Salon.com co-founder Scott Rosenberg's take on tech, politics, culture, and the intersections thereof is often unexpected, and always worth reading.

Rahul Sood: VoodooPC may now be part of HP, but its founder continues to blog about his adventures in high-performance computing.

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