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Specialty Tech Sites

From search to TiVo, these blogs dig deep into special areas of technology.

Searchblog: Federated Media founder John Battelle's blog on Google and its rivals isn't the most frequently updated one, but it may be the most insightful.

Asa Dotzler: If you want an insider's take on Firefox, check out this blog by Mozilla evangelist Asa Dotzler.

Bruce Schneier: Security guru Schneier's blog isn't just about the latest Internet Explorer hole. He also takes on weighty societal issues about privacy and how people remain safe.

Security Fix: It's perhaps not surprising that the leading newspaper in a city obsessed with leak management would host a blog on identifying and mending tech security problems.

SunbeltBlog: Sunbelt Software president Alex Eckelberry covers the latest online attacks, of course, and he was one of the first to write about the travails of Julie Amero, the substitute teacher put on trial because of pop-up porn ads on a school computer. But he also enjoys a good laugh and manages to find more than a few.

GeekSugar: Young women in the tech world who feel overwhelmed by testosterone may enjoy this site, where being techie and being female are not mutually exclusive.

Retro Thing: If the memory of your Commodore 64 still brings a tear to your eye, you'll love this celebration of vintage technology, from PCs to wristwatches to record players.

Tivo Blog: Obsessed with your TiVo? You have a friend in Alex Raiano.

Treonauts: This essential destination for users of Treos, Treo accessories, and Treo software is the very model of a passionate, informative site on a specific product.

Webware: Webware is shorthand for "Web-based software"--and this CNet blog does a good job of tracking the fast-moving world of Net applications.

Wi-Fi Networking News: Occasional PC World contributor Glenn Fleishman has long run the single best site to go to for news and links on wireless networking.

Photo Matt: Matt Mullenweg isn't just the creator of the WordPress blogging platform--he's an entertaining blogger himself, writing about WordPress and the Web in general.

GPS Magazine: This blog is devoted to GPS, with an archive that goes back over a year.

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